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Infrared saunas, unlike a traditional saunas, use electromagnetic radiation from lamps to warm the air around you. This heat penetrates deep into your joints, muscles and tissues. Warming your body directly with this method helps increase circulation and helps eliminate toxins from your body.

Options Available:
30 Minute Session - $30
60 Minute Session - $60



Also known as sensory deprivation tanks, float tanks are lightless, sound proof tanks filled with salt water and are warmed to skin temperature. Having these critical elements together serve to reduce any source of surrounding stimuli. By doing so, it allows one to calm their nervous system, become deeply relaxed and ultimately reduce stress.

****Please note there is not a shower at this location. We will provided towels and body wipes to clean up after your session but you may see some salt residue until you can fully rinse off***

Options Available:
30 Minute Session - $30
60 Minute Session - $60

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